Teachers should teach

Teachers can teach in many ways but a lot choose not too.


Natalia McCalla , Senior staff writer

Why do teachers teach?

From what I have seen throughout my years as a student I have seen many teachers who teach with no purpose.

I have seen several teachers who receive their notes, classwork and test from other teachers online. Which I understand to a certain extent, sometimes you fall behind or forget to plan. But every single time?

If you won’t actually teach students to help them understand the material and you just give them assignments and papers from online then you’re not really teaching.

I truly believe that to be a teacher one does not only have to teach about the class but can teach about the real world and act as a mentor. Only some of  them prepare you for the real word and give advice about it. Many teachers forget that there is a world outside of school. School is practically kids second home, kids come to school to learn and succeed. Not all students thrive in school but it is the teacher’s job to help them get there. Many students lean on teachers because they have no one else who can help them. I have had a few teachers have a significant impact on me as person just from them acting like a mentor and teaching me things about the world and life itself.

Teaching is so much more that teaching course work. It is not constantly using another’s teachers work, but putting things into their own words to teach the students. Or at least contribute. Copying spring board books doesn’t count either. Putting on movies that are about the objective and topic of discussion are great every once in a while, but that can’t be the whole lesson plan for the week. And that can’t be a go to if you have nothing else planned.

There are many ways to teach, and my favorite teachers are the ones who actually like being around kids and actually like their job, not just teaching because there’s nothing else to do.

We always know when teachers don’t want to be at school, and if they don’t want to be there. It shows and it changes the whole atmosphere of the class. A teacher can honestly teach in many ways and if they choose not too because they sincerely don’t want to then they aren’t really a teacher.