Keep Traditional Spirit Days

Spirit Week’s themes are significantly different than our past years, losing a lot of traditional spirit days.


Unlike previous years, Robinson will not have the traditional themes like “Respect your Elders”

Meena Vasquez, Senior Staff Writer

Over the years at Robinson we’ve had a lot of traditional spirit day themes. Some examples include: Respect Your Elders Wednesday, Throwback Thursday/Decades Day, and Twin Day. Many freshmen look forward to participate on these days but can’t this year because these days got cut off from this year’s spirit week.

The line up for spirit week is Mathletes vs Athletes Monday, Tik-Tok Tuesday, Wannabe Wednesday, Out of this World Thursday and Class Colors for Friday. This line up keeps none of the traditional spirit days other than class colors, which to me isn’t a good thing.

I understand it’s great to break out of the mold and do something new and different, but completely getting rid of these traditional days is a bit extreme. Having new spirit days is great, but with all of them being new, with no traditional days such as Throwback Thursday or Decades day, it comes off as weird and out of place.

When it comes to spirit days, tradition is often confused with ”cliche” but, what’s wrong with being cliche? Things are cliche for a reason. People, believe it or not, like things that are popular. When your main goal is to stay away from being “cliche” then it doesn’t always end up being a good thing.

What I would suggest is to keep a mix of new days and a mix of traditional days. This way it leaves room for new ideas and yet keeps the tradition of Robinson. It also gives freshmen and/or new upperclassmen the chance to participate in days they’ve heard of like Decades Day or Respect your Elders day where they finally get the chance to dress like an old lady/man.

This idea has kept people happy, such as last year’s spirit week where we kept Throwback Thursday and Respect your Elders Wednesday and past years such as 2015 keeping Twin Tuesday and Respect your Elders.

While introducing new spirit day themes is great, I strongly believe we should keep “old” spirit days to preserve Robinson’s tradition.