Bucs win against former Super Bowl qualifier

The Bucs win in an upset against the Rams.

Jaylen Stasio, Staff Writer

You heard that correctly, the Bucs won.

This past Sunday, the Bucs played against the Los Angeles Rams and won 55-40. With a record of two wins and two losses, it came as a shock that the Bucs won against the Rams.

The Bucs handed the Rams their first loss of the season. This upset was completely unpredictable, proving the Bucs to be the underdog. After their defeat last week against the New York Giants, their victory was a jaw-dropper.

As you may know, the Bucs versus Rams game was played in Los Angeles. This has been the first game in 26 years at the Los Angeles venue. Historically, the Bucs have a past of losing on the West coast. Over the last few years the record of wins to losses on the west coast is a pathetic 8-28.

What was surprising was that the Rams were favored to win by 9.5 points. Instead the Bucs ended up winning by 15 points.

Being that the Rams made it to the Super Bowl this past year, the 15 point difference was an upsetting loss for the Rams. The Bucs have lost the past six games against the Rams, making this game a historical achievement.

This game was Jameis Winston’s best game in the past two years. Despite his error in the last quarter, his decision making significantly improved. Winston threw four touchdowns and shredded the Rams poor defense by torching 400 yards.

With only one interception thrown and over 400 yards covered, Jameis proved he was there to win.

This game set the Bucs’ record for the most amount of points scored in a game and tied the franchise single-game record of 7 touchdowns in a game.

In Bucs history, there have only been two games in which their kicker has attempted seven extra points, and this past game was one of them.

This record-setting game now makes the Bucs record 3-1.