Indirecting culture is dumb

Indirecting has become far too common thanks to social media.


Courtesy of Nicole Perdigon.

Anna Woodward, Online Managing Editor

“Rule number one if it’s about me, at (@) me so I can see it.”

It’s just a lyric from a song that’s been going viral on TikTok, but it couldn’t be anymore truthful. People need to stop indirecting people when they’re mad and instead just talk to the person. It’s immature to indirect someone and then have the audacity to play dumb and try to act innocent when you get called out. Just be upfront.

Urban Dictionary states that indirecting is “to say something to someone without including their name (although it is obvious)”. It’s a simple word and frankly it’s nothing new, but with social media playing a huge role in our lives nowadays, it’s become more common and the root of too much drama.

To be clear, when I say indirecting, I don’t mean going on your finsta with 10 followers or telling your close friends, I mean going on your Snapchat story and posting something vague that frankly nobody really cares about because maybe, you only posted it to be dramatic and call out someone over something that nobody else even knows about. Ranting to your close friends about something that’s bugging you is different from creating drama that the whole school has to see on a Snapchat or Instagram story.

Half of the time, people are indirecting others over tiny things that could just be solved by talking. However, when you indirect someone and make it a bigger deal than it should be, you’re just creating drama and as Cardi B once said, “what was the reason??”

Indirecting culture is childish and just causes stress and drama. Sometimes, the person you’re talking about won’t even realize or care and all you’ve done is work yourself up. It’s really not that hard to just confront the person nicely and talk about it. People shouldn’t have to deal with miscommunication that can result in grudges just because they decided not to talk to somebody and instead make it a big deal.

It’s a simple solution: just talk to people. Don’t make it a big thing. It can be as simple as messaging them and saying something like “hey is this about me? If so, can we talk about it?”