The eLearning needs to stop

Morgan Brazier, Editor-in-chief

When Hillsborough County first made the transition to eLearning back in March, it was just intended to hold us over and keep everyone on track until we were able to return to school. It made sense, it seemed necessary and beneficial. But now, all Florida schools will officially remain closed through the remainder of the school year, and eLearning feels completely pointless.

Even with the assumption eLearning would be temporary and we would be able to go back to school this year, many  students didn’t take it seriously. Now that any hope of going back to school has been extinguished, eLearning seems even more worthless than it did before.

Personally, I didn’t have much motivation to do assignments even when there was a possibility of returning, but now that I know the final few weeks of my senior year are reduced to busy work, I have even less drive to get things done.

Almost all of our exams have been cancelled, all extracurriculars are over and some teachers are just assigning a bare minimum amount of work. Why should I continue with my assignments if they are mostly just reviews for an exam that no longer exists?

And that’s just considering highschool, not to mention the issue of preschool and elementary students who are expected to continue with this mess of an education plan. These younger students need help from their parents to do their work, and parents cannot always be available the way they are needed for online learning. I can’t even imagine how stressful eLearning has been for those families.

At this point, all eLearning is, for many students, cheated assignments, pointless reviews or just completely disregarded work. Everyone involved would be better off if the district stopped eLearning.