Spirit week upgraded from 2019

Last year’s spirit week was a let down, but this year did not disappoint.


Photo Robinson High School Student Government Association

Last week, SGA announced the themes for this year’s spirit week on Instagram.

Meena Vasquez, A&E Editor

This year for spirit week, I finally got the traditions I missed from last year, and the lineup is one of my favorites.

For Monday, we have an average Jersey day. Just wear a Jersey. Point blank. Although it is not my favorite, I feel as if every Monday in a spirit week starts off average. Over time, it gets way better. And this is shown through the later days…

Twin Tuesday! Twin Tuesday has been a Robinson tradition since basically the beginning of time. This day would be so cute to see all the pairs. To be honest, I hope someone does a cute twin costume like Thing One and Thing Two, or Tweedle-dee and Tweedle-dum.

On Wednesday we have been BLESSED with Wayback Wednesday. Freshmen dress in ’50s fashion, sophomores dress in ’60s, juniors in ’70s and seniors with ’80s. Thank. God. I cannot wait for the retro styles to be shown throughout the halls of Robinson. The only thing I would have to say is why no ’90s? Do we really need ’60s for the sophomores? They deserve better…

Thursday brings back the beloved tradition of Respect Your Elders. Upperclassmen dress like old people while underclassmen dress up as babies. And to every underclassmen complaining about dressing as a baby: get over it. It builds the excitement when you can finally dress like an old woman to school. Besides, you can basically come to school in your pajamas. Why complain?

Friday is my absolute favorite. Character day! I am exploding with excitement to see our costumes on Oct. 30. It really made me consider my choice of eLearning. Too bad I’ll be showing my costume through a webcam. Otherwise, I hope SGA takes loads of pictures on this day, if not, I’ll be severely disappointed.

All in all, SGA thank you for paying me back with this awesome spirit week. Last year’s lacked in Robinson’s beloved traditions, such as Twin Tuesday and Respect Your Elders. I’m so excited for this year’s spirit week. Although there is no homecoming, I think spirit week is 100% better than it anyways.