COVID-19 isn’t over just because you’re over it

The Coronavirus pandemic is far from over due to many reasons, but who is to blame for these setbacks?


Photo Jennifer Le

Adriana Navarrete (’23)(left), Celeste Lara (’23)(back) and Ava LeClair (’23) wearing masks in a classroom while socially distanced.

Zoe Thaxton, Staff Writer

COVID-19 has raged on in the United States for months since March, and it doesn’t appear to be coming to a complete stop anytime soon. As a society, we have adapted and changed many things about our daily lives to have some sense of normalcy back. Masks, social distancing and limiting people in one space are just a few things we’ve done to keep safe. Yet, there are still people who refuse to wear mask and social distance. That’s the bare minimum and people don’t even follow that. Just because you’re over it, doesn’t mean the virus is over.

Starting with the basics, how is it still not universally accepted that this virus is real? Some still believe that this is all a hoax by the government to get people into compliance. Yet… who really is at fault here? Who is over COVID the most and is causing everyone else more problems?

Youth at Fault?

The blame easily shifts to the “least” vulnerable to the virus group. Teenagers have been seen to not show many of the symptoms and remain asymptomatic or not even catch the sickness at all. To many young people, that fact just means that they’ll be okay and can use it as an excuse to go out. “I won’t get sick” they claim, and even if they did, they’d recover.

Yes, it is confirmed that many young children, including teenagers, who get the virus can easily recover due to their immune systems. So, they go out… but at what cost? Teenagers may be asymptomatic most of the time but can give the virus to someone who has an autoimmune disease, their grandparents, or someone who could die if they get the virus. It’s horrible, but it is what is happening the more youth go out.

It’s not an ideal situation for young people. Teenagers don’t want to stay home all the time. They want to go out, be with friends, go to parties and just have fun, but that all needs to come to a halt due to the pandemic. Being a teenager myself, I understand that many others my age want to be with friends in large social setting, but now is not the time! The sooner we follow the safety protocols, the quicker we can get back to our old normal.

Celebrities at Fault?

Fort Worth man threw coronavirus-themed parties for hundreds | Fort Worth Star-Telegram
Photo by Fort Worth Star-Telegram                                                       A group of people at a party a man threw because he was “bored.” No safety concerns are taken (masks, social distancing, etc.).

The rich and famous, those who can get away with almost anything because of how much money they have. The sad thing is, many have gotten away with not following guidelines! They go to or host parties, travel and just continue on their lives as if nothing is happening.

Hollywood celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Madonna have broken rules as they please. Buccaneers Quarterback Tom Brady broke Tampa city guidelines to work out in a park. Internet influencers like Tana Mongeau or members of the Hype House from TikTok have been under fire for hosting and attending a party back in July. All have issued some sort of apology, but don’t they see it? They’re the problem! Why don’t they understand that staying home benefits them and others around them?

Perhaps it’s because they have tons of money and can afford treatment for this virus, unlike many Americans. Maybe they just believe that since they’re famous, they’re invincible. Well, just like young people, they aren’t invincible. People get sick no matter if they’re young or old, rich or poor. Illnesses don’t discriminate.

Celebrities have the power to change. They can share their opinions and perspectives in hopes their fans buy merchandise, so why don’t they do the same with masks? They have the platform to do so. Encouraging others to stay safe while also following guidelines themselves would be beneficial to everyone. The sooner we contain the virus, the quicker they can get back to their everyday lives.

Government at Fault?

It’s always easy to blame any problems on the current government. Honestly, it’s true! They’re in charge of everything from making mask mandates and enforcing social distancing guidelines, but many states and even the federal government hesitated. They waited and caused mass panic. They waited and many people got infected in a short amount of time. They waited and our death toll skyrocketed past Europe’s.

Even when the government stopped waiting and took action, it wasn’t serious enough! With a three month lockdown, things slowed, then everything immediately opened back up without much forethought to safety guidelines. Thus, the lockdown appeared useless.

Our country took so long to close only to be one of the first to reopen with cases still rising. Can’t anyone see the problem with that?

In times of crisis, many countries turn to their leaders for guidance. Yet, here in America, some guidance on this virus was near impossible to find. Congress argued over relief plans for the citizens out of jobs and the president was telling the country this virus was a hoax.

Trump Drives By Well-Wishers, Raising Concerns About Health of Secret Service Agents in His Car - The New York Times
Photo by New York Times                                                            The President of the United States going on a joyride in his car not even a few days after his COVID-19 diagnosis.

President Trump never took the virus serious. Even now after getting the virus, he’s still not taking it seriously. He went on a joyride in his car, thus possibly exposing his driver and others trying to get photos of him still working despite the virus. As the head of our country, the leader many look to for guidance, it should be a given that he take charge and show the American people how we should handle the virus. 

Instead, the man refused to wear a mask for months, called Dr. Fauci a fake, mocked others for wearing a mask, called the virus a hoax… then got sick with it himself.

A public safety concern has become a political issue. The virus, for most of the time during the lockdown, became a liberal vs conservative debate. Public health concerns shouldn’t be a debate you hold over the Thanksgiving table, it’s a life or death matter to some Americans. If only we all took this virus as seriously as some other countries, we’d possibly be in a better position as a country with fewer deaths and a lower infection rate.

Truly, everyone is to blame. Back in January, many didn’t believe this virus was more than the flu, but here we are stuck in the middle of a pandemic from the same virus. Don’t you want to be safe? Don’t you want to go back to normal? Everyone wants to. Some people still aren’t taking it seriously and holding everyone else back. This pandemic won’t end anytime soon if you don’t just wear your mask and follow guidelines set by the CDC. Remember, COVID isn’t over just because you’re over it.