Hillsborough County’s School Dress Code Is Unfair

The dress code is too strict and needs to be changed.


Photo Lindsey Chadwick

Ariana Kanlic (’22) stands in econ class wearing dress-code appropriate shorts.

Lindsey Chadwick, Senior Staff Writer

I do not understand why administrators are all of a sudden strictly enforcing the dress code this year. As a girl trying to follow the rules, I have been looking around stores trying to find shorts that are school-appropriate, but also look cute. Let me tell you. It is impossible! Almost all women’s and girls’ shorts are not made below the upper thigh. Wearing pants every day is not an option because, hello? We live in Florida. It gets a little warm here. I understand some girls will come to school in extremely short shorts, but not all girls do. I feel as long as my butt is not hanging out, I should be fine to wear those shorts.

In this day and age,  it’s normal to be wearing crop tops and shorts. That is the style. Adults trying to dress code us for our style is not going to change it. We are not changing, if anything, we will disobey it and try as hard as we can to get away with it.

The administration can’t restrict a dress code and say fingertip length. Everyone is of different sizes. Some people are short and have long arms and their dress code is going to be different than someone who is tall and has short arms. It’s not very realistic and needs to be changed.

I have been on the fence about wearing shorts to school because I don’t want to get dress-coded. There is nothing wrong with my shorts. My butt is covered and nothing is showing other than my thighs. Why is that such a big deal? Can boys not handle seeing a couple of girls’ thighs in class? But, we are sitting down so they can’t even see them. They shouldn’t be distracted in class by girls’ attire if we are all sitting down focusing on our work.

Here’s another topic. I’ve said this a ton of times and you can ask almost any student at Robinson and they will tell you that IB kids get treated differently than traditional students. The administration does not dress code the IB kids as strictly as they do traditional students. Why? I have no idea. It’s frustrating because like I said I will follow the rules. For the past 3 weeks, I have been wearing pants every day, and just taking a trip in the hallway, walking to class, I will be drenched in sweat.

Girls have way more restrictions than guys. While guys have the no hat, no tank top restrictions, girls have it far worse. Administrators are basically telling us girls to cover up our whole bodies because it is distracting to guys. That is not the point of school. The point of school is to get an education. However, if you are taking girls out of class or sending them home because of what they decided to wear to school, they are not getting the education they need.

All in all, the dress code is too strict and unfair. It is almost impossible to find nice school-appropriate shorts in stores. I think that the administration needs to loosen up a bit. Let girls wear shorts. It shouldn’t be that big of a deal. Let guys wear hats. That’s also not that big of a deal. Instead of having to continuously dress code people and take away class time to do it, there should be some consideration in different heights and body types.