Give Country Music A Chance

Country music has much more to offer if you just give it a chance.


Photo Juno Le

Graphic depicting a guitar, one of the primary instruments used in country music.

Lindsey Chadwick, Staff Writer

I love country music. Yes, that’s right. I am not going to hide it. People always say, “I will listen to any type of music except country.” Why? I don’t get it. Not all artists write about beer and girls. If you really truly listen to some of the lyrics, you will see there’s much more than that.

I’ve listened to country music my whole life. I have never truly embraced it until high school. In middle school, I never told anyone that I listened to country because no one liked it, but now, I don’t care who knows. I love it and I support it.

Country music is super catchy. I feel like I hear the song one time on the radio and I already know it by heart. You can easily jam out to it whenever, with whoever. Almost all of us have been in that awkward situation when an explicit song comes on the aux and we rush to turn it off because someone might disapprove. Country music is family-friendly. You can play it around every age group and it will be appropriate.

Another reason why you should give country music a chance is that the songs just don’t get old. I have yet to find a country song that I have been tired of hearing. That is how good it is. You know what I’m talking about when 5 different radio stations play the exact same song 10 times a day. It gets overplayed and you get tired of hearing it. That doesn’t happen with country. You could listen to a country station and you wouldn’t hear the same more than twice a day. It’s nice so you can really appreciate the songs. 

If you think country music is just the Yee-Haw, trucks, and beer. Well, you’re not wrong, but more recent country music has changed to be more modern. They have different storylines within the songs. Some are about breakups, make-ups, or just having a good time. It really has changed and it’s a different style that people should open up to. 

Country music is relatable. So many different artists sing all their songs with a whole lot of passion. Even if you can’t relate to it, you can almost feel what the artist is singing. You know whatever they went through was real. Whatever they are feeling, you know it’s real. Whether it’s about an intolerable breakup or an adventurous romance, you can feel it deep down in your heart and soul.

If you really give today’s country the benefit of the doubt I promise you, you will start to hate it less. And if you really truly still don’t like it (you will), then I guess I will let you go on your way. However, I still think that country music is superior to all other genres. That is my personal opinion but my goal is not for you to think that. My goal is for you to give it a chance and not bash on it every time you hear a song come on.