School lunch isn’t fit for school

The school needs better options

School lunch isnt fit for school

Sarai Cochran, Senior Staff Writer

Being at school for seven hours can be very stressful and tiring. The only break we get to have during those seven hours is lunch. We get an hour to just eat and relax but sometimes the food there isn’t enjoyable.

There aren’t that many good options when it comes to school food. The things mostly served at school are pizza, PB&J, burgers and salad and even if they do serve something else, it’s not very good. The food is burnt, soggy and sometimes not even edible.

In elementary school, I remember when the students would be served nice fresh hot food for breakfast and lunch even if we were only served pizza or chicken nuggets that day but after that, the school lunch just went downhill.

The pizza would be burnt or as hard as a rock or sometimes even soggy to where it’s not even pizza anymore. I get it, the lunch ladies serve hundreds of kids a day and can’t have everything to taste like a buffet but when the food isn’t even edible then why even make it?

School lunch has the same thing and there’s not that much variety. I remember in middle school when it would get close to Thanksgiving or Christmas their would be an extra side dish or a small dessert to celebrate but now there’s nothing.

Some days the food is so bad that kids just don’t eat that day or they just eat the sides that come with it. It’s not healthy when we need energy for the rest of the day.

Many students aren’t able to bring lunch and can only eat at school and when food is not able to be eaten and have to eat the small sides that come with it then why even make the food.

The food doesn’t have to be like a Chinese buffet or 5-star restaurant but we can do a bit better making the food decent and fit to eat for the students at school.