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The sign that stands outside of the Hooters in South Tampa.

Head to Head: The Short on Hooters’ Shorts

October 29, 2021

In some industries, the phrase “sex sells” remains incredibly prominent. They target certain audiences to try to make more money. The most obvious example in the restaurant business is Hooters. They have their waitresses wearing short black or orange booty shorts and low cut shirts. Recently, there’s been issues with the new uniforms posted all over Tik Tok, sparking some heated arguments about whether or not these girls should fight for better uniforms or just quit.

Opinion Editor Lindsey Chadwick and Staff Writer Keirra McGoldrick take their stances on the issue.

Work your butt off or quit

Hooters girls got a new look. Those tiny shorts that they used to wear, just got even shorter. Some girls are voicing their concerns all over social media. I don’t want you to think that I am okay with sexualizing women, however, I believe that they know what they signed up for. If they have a problem with it, then quit.

Nine times out of ten, the reason people go to Hooters isn’t for the food. The Hooters girls’ attire is supposed to attract tips. The fewer clothes they wear the more tips they get. I don’t disagree that these smaller shorts are not a good thing for women, however, I think they can switch jobs if they do not approve of the conditions.

Obviously, their “uniforms”, if you will, are meant to get them larger tips. If they are not fine with having to wear underwear as shorts, they can apply to another restaurant that makes good tips as well. It isn’t extremely hard to find a job that makes good tips without having your butt hanging out for the world to see.

Some Hooters workers might say they need the money. If they need money, they shouldn’t complain because they will for sure be getting lots of it in these new shorts. If they are complaining about being sexualized, then work somewhere else. They can easily make tips at other restaurants if that’s what they really want.

Almost everywhere is hiring right now. You can drive down the street and see almost 10 different signs saying that a business needs workers. Anyone can easily get hired anywhere. If Hooters workers aren’t happy with wearing tiny clothing and getting sexualized by men, then go find another job. It’s as simple as that. They applied for the job knowing that they were going to have to show off some of their body parts. If they think that is bad, then they have the ability to change their situation.

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Hooters is Sexualizing Workers More Than Ever

Hooters is a very well known American based restaurant that’s known for their family atmosphere, wings, burgers and waitresses. You might be wondering ‘their waitresses?’. Well, even though they might be famous for their food, they’re also famous for their waitress’s uniforms being tiny black or orange shorts and swoop neck tank tops. That classic uniform has been around for as long as anyone can remember, and still is today. But, about a week ago, they’ve changed a bit. Think of women’s bathing suit bottoms but shorter. These shorts have no place being at any type of establishment and it’s not right for them to be forcing their waitresses to wear them.

Now, I know what you’re thinking ‘who cares? it’s just a restaurant’. Hooters has been known to sexualize their female workers and nothing is being done about it. And yes, the employees know what they’re signing up for before they even apply for the job, but that was before they were given basically underwear as their uniforms and told to deal with it. Some of these women can’t afford to quit so they have to deal with the possibility of men (or women) to be looking at them in sexual ways while they’re just trying to earn a living. Some have even experienced sexual comments made towards them. Some may say that it’s a compliment, but its not.

In a 2018 ‘GQ’ article, Brittanny Anderson, a former waitress for Hooters, said “It is an entire job based on sexual harassment. You are paid to be sexually harassed and objectified…” This was said a full three years before the new shorts were implemented.

The waitresses also have to undergo routine uniform checks every shift. They must wear their hair down, their hair and makeup must look natural (even if their hair is dyed), their tights must be darker than their original skin tone and must not have any rips in them. If they have rips, they must change them. They say that its not really about taking orders but to entertain and to sell Hooters merch just as much as the food. Anderson tells GQ, “…the essence of the role is based on female sex appeal…”

The new shorts that are enforced as their uniforms is just appalling. They’re shorter than ever and is disgusting that anyone ,that determines the uniforms they have to wear, approved of them. I personally don’t plan on going to Hooters again any time soon until they change this insane policy and stop purposefully sexualizing their female workers.

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