I dairy you to stop drinking milk

What has drinking milk ever done for you?


Photo Grace Hilton

An illuminated milk isle inside of a Walmart refrigerator.

Grace Hilton, Staff Writer

From yogurt to whipped cream, and not forgetting cheese, we all enjoy dairy in some way. Or, we don’t (either to protect ourselves from an allergic reaction or because the sight of sour cream makes us sick).

Either way, I’d like to pay attention to an ongoing debate about enjoying dairy in a tall glass. Milk lovers will enjoy it in their cereal and in a cup, or maybe they’ll take a warm glass in the evening. Some enjoyers will add ice to keep their drinks extra cool. I personally don’t care how you enjoy it: drinking milk is gross.

Now, you have your chocolate milk which allows you to enjoy some sweetness, strawberry milk for people who like fruit and half and half to add to coffee. With all of this, people still love to take a glass of plain milk and drink it in one gulp. I can’t seem to find the joy of milk when there are better things to be drinking, and many people naturally agree. According to the National Institutes of Health, about 68% of the world population is lactose intolerant, meaning a majority of people shouldn’t even be drinking it. And those of us who are free to consume as much dairy as we want, are experiencing little to no side effects.

Dairy has been so beneficial in many different ways. It has been used to make my first birthday cake as well as the bread in my sandwiches each day. Our diets are heavy on it and we have adapted it into our lives. However, the choice to grab a glass, go to the fridge, and grab the milk carton is fully controllable.

There are countless reasons people could like milk: the taste, the illusion of growing a few inches, or maybe you enjoy the texture. But I think we should free ourselves from the barrier of tastelessness and let the baby cows keep their refreshments. You’ll thank me later.