The Halloween Hangover

Students are always exhausted the day after Halloween and yet are still forced to go to school, it isn’t fair to the kids or the teachers.


Graphic depiction of Halloween

Anneka deVries, Staff writer

“Beep. Beep. Beep.” Your alarm blares. You can barely keep your eyes open as you try and force yourself out of your nice, warm and comfortable bed, but it’s no use. Last night was Halloween and you were up pretty late, and this morning, you are suffering the consequences. But you are not alone, thousands upon thousands of students in America go through this same thing every year, which is why the day after Halloween should be a no school day.

Think about it, there isn’t really a way to participate in Halloween and get a good night’s sleep since Halloween is a nighttime activity. On average, a person starts to trick-or-treat at 6 p.m. and ends around 9:00 pm. Let’s say someone finishes at 9, they will most likely want to trade candy with their friends and just chill for a bit after all that walking. Even if they do this for only 30 minutes, they still have to go home, take off all parts of their costume, including makeup…etc, then take a shower and try to go to sleep, getting into bed around 11.

Now, what are the chances they will be able to fall asleep? They just finished having the time of their life and are most likely still on a sugar high. There is no way their brain will shut down any time soon. Also, this is a best-case scenario; this is if the student knows how tired they are going to be the next day and wants to get to bed decently early.

Halloween is a night for kids to have fun. Sometimes, this causes them to not get to bed until one or two. If you wanted to get the recommended eight hours of sleep, you would have to get up at nine…at least. School starts at 8:30, leaving kids to have to get up any time from six to seven. There is no way anyone can function during the day with this little sleep. A lack of sleep can result in impaired memory. So, if students can even stay awake, chances are they won’t remember what they learned, so what is the point of them even going to school? Teachers will have to reteach the information anyways, so why not give the kids a day off, they deserve it.

There is absolutely no benefit in forcing students to go to school the day following Halloween, in fact, it causes harm to pretty much everyone involved. Therefore, there shouldn’t be school on the day following Halloween.