Is Wall Art Acceptable Everywhere?

Expressing your art work on walls and public places isn’t the smartest but is that the only way to get your name out there?


Photo JC Thaxton

Anonymous source writes “debo” on public surfaces in Robinson High School to mark his/her territory.

JC Thaxton, Staff Writer

Okay. Hear me out. Writing and drawing on public surfaces just isn’t okay. Yes, it is a way you can express yourself, but do you know how much trouble you can get into? Okay, maybe you are slick enough to not get caught, but does that still make it right to do?

By definition, graffiti means “writing or drawings scribbled, scratched, or sprayed illicitly on a wall or other surface in a public place.” You may not know this, but writing on school desks is a form of vandalism. Kids these days might not think this is bad, but to teachers and administration, it is just as bad and disrespectful since it’s school property. This is just a reflection on how kids do not care about any property and that needs to change. These kids think just because it is in school and it is minor sketch, they wont get in trouble; but vandalism is a crime.

Some people write on walls for safety as whatever you wrote would remain anonymous. Some people write on walls to mark their territory. Others are just destroying property because it is funny to them and they assume they will never get caught. While these people are writing on these public walls, other people are starting to live in fear. People do not know how it got there or who did it so they just jump to conclusions and assume it means something bad. People coming to school frightened is just another reason why kids shouldn’t be vandalizing the school walls.

Here, at Robinson High School, there is an unknown person who “vandalized” our only staircase with a word, “DEBO,” written at least 13 times. This word is more than likely the nickname or undercover name so nobody knows or discovers the real DEBO. Even though it might not be the name of the actual vandal, they are still leaving their mark in this area. My question is who really are you DEBO and what are your intentions?