My Farewell

Saying goodbye to a great staff.


Photo Lindsey Chadwick

Chilling with the staff members at our holiday party.

Lindsey Chadwick, Opinion Editor

I am writing my last story. My last story as a member on this amazing staff. My last story as the best opinion editor. My last story to be posted on this website.

The growth from my first story is truly impressive. I found my love for writing opinions and I found my hate for getting quotes. I found my love for writing reviews and making playlists and I found my hate for writing sports stories.

I started journalism in my sophomore year and if I am going to be honest, I did not like it. It could have been because I had to write a 300-word story on ballet, which was edited about 30 times, and after that it kind of just put me over the edge. In my junior year, because of covid and being online, I did not return to the staff. Going into my senior year, I wanted it to be easy and did not want to do much work. My original schedule actually had AP Spanish on it and I just knew that wasn’t going to be fun so, my other option was Journalism. That was the best choice I have made this year because five of my friends were in the class already. I came in with good story ideas and told myself that I was going to write things I was passionate about. I am so glad I joined again because I have gotten closer to people and had a lot of fun.

Some advice I have as I move on to my next chapter is don’t think you have to be perfect. I thought I had to get good grades, practice all the time and always make the right choices. I thought that if I messed up one time, my whole life would be over. But, I learned and I figured out it is okay to make mistakes. We are all human, it happens. Don’t be afraid to do things that might not even matter.  You don’t want to regret not doing something.

When I look into the future, honestly, it is kind of scary and kind of nerve-racking, but it is also kind of exciting and adventurous. I get to go out and live on my own and learn how to live life. I get to fail and learn from my mistakes. In three short months, I am expected to look back and say this is the past. So, as I say my farewell, be open to new experiences. Do not aim for perfection. Do not let that consume all of your time. Remember all the drama and fights, laughs, and tears, breakups and make-ups. Keep those memories in the back of your brain and go into the next chapter with a sense of adventure.