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Road Rage

Morgan FeltMorgan Felt (’17) has been driving on her own for almost a year now. Over that time, she has developed quite a few pet peeves regarding the behavior of other drivers. She may drive a Prius, but that doesn’t mean she isn’t annoyed by your bad driving. And yes, it’s your bad driving, so you should take it personally. She shares her road rage here in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, someone out there will read it and stop being a vehicular menace.




carNovember 11, 2015- They Painted a Line for a Reason

Dear Terrible Driver, Have you ever seen those thick white lines painted on the road next to all stop signs and traffic lights? Yeah, those lines are called STOP LINES. And do you know what you’re supposed to do at those stop lines? STOP! AT THE LINE! READ MORE



Signs like this clearly state the speed that you should drive at on this road, but drivers still tend to ignore said signs.November 4, 2015- Keep Up With the Flow of Traffic

Terrible Driver, Do not go under the speed limit. It is called a speed limit, not a speed recommendation. If you go five to ten miles per hour under the speed limit, maybe you should consider going a little faster, especially if we are driving on a one lane road where I can’t pass you! READ MORE



Morgan Felt doesn't like when she has to wait to drive you around.October 28, 2015- No, I’m Not Your Chauffeur

Dear Terribly Carless Friends,
“Hey Morgan, can I get a ride?” Being the first one out of my friends to get my license, I hear this question way. Too. Often. Yes, having a license (and a car) gives you much more independence and freedom. READ MORE



October 21, 2015- You Can’t Make Your Own Crosswalk

Dear Terrible Pedestrians,
Must you walk at an unnecessarily slow speed when crossing the street? Especially when there are clearly many very eagerly awaiting cars that would like to reach their destination? READ MORE



October 14, 2015- A New Kind of Turn Signal

Dear Terrible Driver,
I have an idea, a proposition rather, for cars to have a feature to indicate when they’re making a U-turn rather than just a standard left turn. Now this doesn’t exactly follow my standard blogs about what idiotic things I see people do out on the roads, but hear me out. READ MORE



October 7, 2015- Slow Down, and Not Just for the Cops

Dear Terrible Driver,
Imagine: you’re cruising down Veterans Expressway – windows down, wind blowing… all of a sudden you look in your rear-view mirror and see those notorious flashing red, blue and white lights.



September 30, 2015- It Can Wait

Dear Terrible Driver,
Texting and driving is the leading cause of fatal crashes in the United States and kills almost 3,000 teens each year. Do not text and drive. Actually, let me generalize that for all the teens that will claim that they weren’t specifically “texting and driving.” READ MORE



September 23, 2015- Buckle Up Before It’s Too Late

Dear Terrible Driver,
Buckling your seat belt takes a total of four seconds extra to do and could save your life. So why wouldn’t you? READ MORE



 width=September 16, 2015- Keep Your Distance

Dear Terrible Driver,
Tailgating? Seriously? Why do you feel the need to be so close to the back of my car? I really don’t understand.



width="302"September 9, 2015- Turn Signals Exist for a Reason

Dear Terrible Driver,
Two words: turn signal.
You know, that little knob to the left of the steering wheel that you can push to conveniently show your intention of turning or switching lanes? READ MORE

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Road Rage