Project Almanac Delivers Fast-Paced Action

Charlotte Rose, Staff Writer

Project Almanac’s main character, David, played by actor Jonny Weston, is a nerdy high school senior who was just accepted by MIT but was unable to receive a scholarship. Everything changes when he finds a videotape of his present self at his seventh birthday party. This leads him and his friends to find blueprints of a time machine that his deceased dad left behind.

In the beginning, the group uses the machine for entertainment, like winning the lottery and attending an Imagine Dragons concert. But soon they realize that changing history can have disastrous ripple effects.

The “found footage” technique used to film and the use of mostly unknown actors makes the movie entertaining and unique. Even though it is not comparable to the classic time travel films such as “Back to the Future” or “The Terminator“, it covers new ground while keeping the audience on the edge of their seats.

The movie is filled with humorous lines and predictable love tales, however, it has a darker feel towards the second half. As things start to go wrong and it get more intense, the movie becomes less fun. The film is more enjoyable when the kids are trying to control the machine and acting like normal teenagers. The time travel logistics come more into play and the fun and games are pushed aside.

Nevertheless, this does not overshadow the good things about the movie. It was very entertaining and gave me the chills while watching. I would recommend this to anyone who likes fast paced sci-fi films.