Road Rage: Turn Signals Exist for a Reason

September 9, 2015


Photo I. Giovannetti

If Morgan Felt (’17) had one wish, it would be for you to use your turn signal.

Morgan Felt (’17) has been driving on her own for almost a year now. Over that time, she has developed quite a few pet peeves regarding the behavior of other drivers. She shares her road rage here in the hopes that maybe, just maybe, someone out there will read it and stop being a vehicular menace.

Below is the first installment of her blog:

Dear Terrible Driver,

Two words: turn signal.

You know, that little knob to the left of the steering wheel that you can push to conveniently show your intention of turning or switching lanes? The one that KEEPS ME FROM SMASHING INTO YOUR CAR?!

I have a theory that about 70% of drivers don’t actually understand how to use this simple device because, let me tell you, IT SEEMS LIKE NO ONE DOES.

And I have absolutely no idea why.

It should be common sense. If a driver uses their turn signal when they want to turn or switch lanes (especially switch lanes), it greatly reduces the likelihood of getting into an accident.

And I don’t know about you, but the possibility of getting scared half to death, having to call the police, waiting (what seems like forever) for the police to come, filling out loads of paperwork, getting the car towed AND waiting for the car to get repaired, just really doesn’t sound like my ideal day.

Not to mention that there may be long-lasting injuries to you, the people you were driving with or the people in the other car.

So, I think we’d all be better off if you would please just use your turn signal (I’m begging you)!

With love (but also rage),

M. Felt

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  1. Linda on September 9th, 2015 6:43 pm

    Good job

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