Road Rage: Keep Your Distance

September 16, 2015

Dear terrible driver,

Tailgating? Seriously? Why do you feel the need to be so close to the back of my car? I really don’t understand. If I use my brakes and have to come to a sudden stop wouldn’t you rather NOT slam into the back of my car!??

While I was taking the online driving course I was introduced to the 5-second rule, which is a rule about following distance.  Basically, you pick an object of the side of the road, say a tree for example, and when the car in front of you passes it you count to 5 then, if you are following this rule your car should pass this object 5 seconds later. This ensures the appropriate following distance between cars.

I just don’t understand why cars feel the need to be so close to me, nothing good can come of it. And if you feel like I’m driving too slow, trust me, tailgating me will only cause me to drive even slower.

Oh, and don’t even get me started about tailgating me at night. Especially when your brights are on and they practically BLIND you when you attempt to look in your rear-view mirror, which is highly accident inducing. So please just don’t tailgate.

With love (but also rage),

M. Felt

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