Road Rage: A New Kind of Turn Signal

October 14, 2015



If car manufacturers began to produce cars with some sort of u-turn signal, many accidents can be avoided.

Dear terrible drivers,

I have an idea, a proposition rather, for cars to have a feature to indicate when they’re making a U-turn rather than just a standard left turn.

Now this doesn’t exactly follow my standard blogs about what idiotic things I see people do out on the roads, but hear me out. We’ve all been there – waiting to turn onto a busy intersection when the left turn arrow is green. All the cars are turning left, and when it gets to your turn, BAM! The car in front of you decided to make a U-turn and smashed into you.

And to think this all could’ve been prevented if the car could’ve conveniently had some way to signal their intentions of making a U-turn.

Another example would be when you’re turning right at a red light. You, of course, don’t have the right-of-way and have to look out for cars coming into the lane you’re turning onto. However, on the lane next to your desired one, going the opposite direction, could be cars making left turns. Some of these turners could be making U-turns into your lane, and there currently is no way to predict that! So, to be safe, you often should just wait out that whole lane, in addition to the incoming cars driving straight into your desired lane.

That is why I propose that a U-turn signal should be added to cars, to prevent these exact situations! Although I admit you’re probably thinking I’m naïve for thinking this is a real life possibility, if you think about the practicality of this device and not to mention the lives it could save, it would be extremely helpful! It doesn’t have to be complex; it could simply be a feature added to the current turn signal, although, as previously discussed, it is hard enough to get people to even use those!

With love (and also rage),

M. Felt

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