The Rights and Wrongs of “Back to the Future II”


Photo C. Rose

After 26 years, the day that the “Back to the Future” characters time-traveled to is here and the predictions that were made are somewhat accurate.

Charlotte Rose, Assistant A&E Editor

The day that Marty McFly and Dr. Emmett Brown time-traveled to the future has finally arrived. In the 1989 sequel of the popular “Back to the Future” film series, the duo traveled 26 years into the future to October 21, 2015. The filmmakers predicted many things of the future for the movie and they now have the opportunity to confirm their predictions.

Hoverboards– Although not everyone is flying everywhere on floating skateboards as depicted in the film, hoverboards do exist. Lexus has created a board using magnets and liquid nitrogen to allow it to float a few inches off the ground. Unfortunately, the board only works in a designated skate park. However, Segway-like boards have gained a lot of popularity and operate by shifting your weight, just like a hoverboard.

Smartwatches– In the movie, people were checking their wrists for the weather reports. Watches from Apple and Samsung allow users to check the weather. They also have more features, including messaging and Facebook updates.

Video Calls– The characters in Back to the Future talk to screens just like we do today. People can use their phones, tablets, computers, and more to make video calls. Programs such as Skype provide a free service to video call anyone anywhere in the world.

Video Glasses– Smartglasses are not used by most people daily, but the filmmakers predicted this correctly. Google has created their own Google Glass which connects to your phone for a hands-free access to a camera, as well as to your emails.

Some of Robert Zemeckis’ film was extremely accurate at times, but with predictions made for almost 30 years into the future, there was a lot of room for error.

Flying Cars– The thought of flying a car sounds like a blast but, sadly, we may need another 30 years to figure out how this could be possible.

Food Hydrators– In this imaginary future, people could put a tiny pizza in a food hydrator and it would become full-sized within seconds. Unfortunately, when you put pizza in today’s microwave, it just becomes soggy.

Jaws 19– A trailer for Jaws 19 was seen in the future when in reality, the series ended after the fourth film. Universal, however, celebrated this anniversary by releasing a trailer for Jaws 19. Don’t worry, it summarizes what happened in Jaws 5 through Jaws 18.

Fashion– The movie somewhat predicted today’s style correctly with an everyday athletic design, however, their clothing possessed a few features that we lack. For example, their clothing could self-dry and their shoes could self-tie themselves. Their jackets could even adjust to fit a person’s body perfectly.

There is still a prediction that is unknown: the cubs winning the World Series. Baseball fans are in disagreement over whether this will come true. With a surprising amount of correct predictions, I would say anything is possible.