Road Rage: No, I’m Not Your Chauffeur

October 28, 2015


Photo I. Hanewicz

This is Morgan Felt’s face when you are being a bad driver.

Dear Terribly Carless Friends,

“Hey Morgan, can I get a ride?” Being the first one out of my friends to get my license, I hear this question way. Too. Often.

Yes, having a license (and a car) gives you much more independence and freedom.

However, there is always that inevitable needy friend (or sometimes just acquaintance!) who has to ask you for a ride here, or there, or to home, or to the movies or to the mall.

Here’s a reminder to everyone who’s ever asked me for a ride: just because I can drive, doesn’t mean I am your personal chauffeur. Yes, I can give you an (occasional) ride, but that doesn’t mean I want to lug you all the way across town just so you can have some silly brunch with your cousin’s neighbor.

Also, gas is not free, nor is it cheap! Unless you’re willing to give me some sort of compensation, there’s no way I’m going to drive you. Good luck with your ride arrangements!

With love (but also rage),

M. Felt

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