After the election, political divisions remain at Robinson and in the country


Paul Jennewein, Staff Writer

On Nov. 8, the American people elected heavy underdog Donald Trump to the presidency, making the nation and this school as divided as ever before. This decision leaves a great task in the hands of the president-elect and the American people to heal these political divides. However, the hard-fought and controversial election cycle has left many Americans unwilling to come together.

“I don’t think it’s that important,” Trump supporter Ethan Walker (’20) said of the necessity of coming together. “People are entitled to their opinions.”

Unfortunately, some Americans still hold a negative view on Trump. Almost a week after the election, there are still Anti-Trump protests in major cities like New York and Los Angeles, and the hashtag #notmypresident has spread on Twitter. A recent movement with safety pins has spread on Facebook, the pins symbolizing solitary with minority groups and women.

The divides mean that as a president Trump, and more importantly his policies, must unite all Americans. Still, many of his supporters think that Trump will be a president for every American.

“Hell yeah I think he’ll be a president for the people!” Walker said optimistically.

Hillary Clinton supporters however, look on helplessly as the Republicans swept the Senate, the House and the the presidency. At time when Barack Obama’s approval ratings are at an all-time high, many Democrats wonder how a phenomenon like this could occur.

Clinton supporter Quentin Bernie (’20) believes Trump should not expect the people of this country to accept his positions without protest. People will not “sleep easily knowing he’s their president,” Bernie said.

Through all of the mayhem, the one person who appears to be handling this loss with the most composure is Clinton herself.

“I hope that he will be a successful president for all Americans,” the former Democratic nominee said of her opponent in a concession speech.

Nevertheless, the divide among citizens is greater than ever. It is up to President-elect Trump to unite the nation. I just hope that we can follow Hillary Clinton’s advice and come together.