Student Art Spotlight: Logan Richardson (’19)


Photo K. Corwin

Logan Richardson (’19) labels her art as “spontaneous.”

Michelle Aros, A&E Staff Writer

Q: What artistic style do you do?

A: “I do painting, drawing, and collages like magazine and newspaper. I don’t think I’ve done sculpture, but it would be something I’d like to try.”

Q: When did you first start doing art?

A: “I started as a little kid  because I liked drawing. Everyone told me I had a creative mind, so I just continued with it. I think it was 8th grade year when I started doing Digital Art and then from there I was like, ‘I kinda like this’. So then 9th grade year I did a 2D Art class and now sophomore year I’m doing AP Art.”

Q: How do you find time to do your art?

A: “I do it in my room a lot when I get home. I obviously finish homework— I sometimes have football practice so I do that—but whenever I feel like it or have inspiration, I start doing [art].”

Q: “What’s your favorite medium and why?

A: “I like oil pastels. Oil pastels and watercolor are my favorite. I like the variety of colors and I like that they’re easy to use.”

Q: Is there anything you’ve made that’s your favorite or your best artwork?

A: “I do have a self portrait that I did and I kinda like it, I’m not sure. It’s a stippling, which is dotted art so you do a bunch of dots that create shadowing and a variety of colors like from dark to light. I liked it because it was the first artwork that made me realize, ‘Well, maybe this is what I want to do.’ Since it was pretty accurate, really cool, and I liked it because it was really difficult, time consuming and made my hand hurt a lot.”

Q: What do you like to draw/paint the most?

A: “I like people and I like abstract, so sometimes I like combining those. I connect with people a lot and I like capturing their feelings, so I do people crying or happy faces and I like abstract because it’s just different.”

Q: How do you incorporate emotion into your art?

A: “If it’s in their facial expressions and their smiling sometimes they have dimples, so I always have to draw that. The creases in the face, if you’re always smiling, you always have the line on your cheeks. If you’re sad, then your eyes are watery and there’s redness too.”

Q: What was your source of inspiration? 

A: “I kind of just picked it up. I started out doodling little tiny people like everyone, the stick figures and I wanted to make it more realistic so after that I just took off.”

Q: How has your practice changed over time?

A: “I’ve gotten a lot better. I’m one of fewmaybe two or three in AP Studio and it’s sophomore year, so I guess I’ve gotten really good.”

Q: If you could describe your art in one word, what would it be?

A: “Spontaneous. I don’t have one specific thing that I’m attached to. Just whatever comes to mind, I just do it.”