Marching band debuts new show, The Underdog


Photo N. Oben

The Marching Knights perform their show music, The Underdog, for their family and friends on August 11.

Morgan Brazier, Staff Writer

The Marching Knights are hoping you’ll be rooting for the underdog.

The marching band will be performing their new show, The Underdog, for the 2017 season. In a recent interview the Robinson band director, Christopher Revett, shared some  details about what to expect from the band this year.

“The name of the show is The Underdog,” Revett said. “A composer has arranged it for us so he’s written the show just for Robinson High, so this is an original arrangement.”

Not only has the Robinson marching band gotten this show arranged especially for them, the band will also be performing at a number of different venues this year.

“We have our MPA, we’re also going to state semi-finals at Tropicana Field this year…the band is also preparing to go to Washington D.C. in April so we’re gonna be performing at the World War 2 memorial.” Revett said.

Since the bands theme this year is the Underdog they will be playing pieces from movies such as Rocky, On the Water Front, and some pieces from Simon and Garfunkle.

“Our show this year is kinda representative of us,” Monish Vijayaravhavan, sophomore band member said.  “We’re the underdogs of other schools because we are a small marching band compared to other schools in the county, but I’m excited to perform on the field this year.”

Flute player Gwyneth Blevins is excited to be performing this new show. She’s also looking forward to performing  during the football games.

“Definitely the football games [will be fun] because being in the stands…We do these cool dances to the songs,” Blevins said.

In addition to their competition season and performing at football games, the marching band will be traveling this spring to Washington D.C. The first performance of their show, The Underdog, will be this Friday at the Robinson v. Leto football game.