Christmas movie marathon is coming to town

Kenzie Hatton, Staff Writer

Now that December is here, it is finally time to get in the holiday spirit. Whether it’s listening to Christmas carols on repeat or decorating your tree with lights and ornaments, you better start now since Christmas is less than a month away. Another fun way to start celebrating early is to grab some popcorn and watch one of your favorite Christmas movies. From Home Alone to Elf, re-watching some classics is a sure way to boost your Christmas spirit.

What is your all-time favorite holiday movie?

The Polar Express

Annabelle Allison’s (’19) choice is The Polar Express. It is about a boy who was questions his belief in Santa Claus and ends up on a magical train ride to the North Pole on Christmas Eve. “The music in it tells a great story,” Allison says. “My favorite scene is the song about hot chocolate.” Another reason Allison enjoys The Polar Express is because it reminds her of elementary school when her class would watch the movie near Christmas time, eating cookies and drinking hot chocolate.


A Christmas Story

“My favorite Christmas movie is A Christmas Story,” Alex Fleming (’19) said. “I watch it every year with my family on Christmas Eve, so it just reminds me of being home.” A Christmas Story is a classic, comical holiday movie about a boy named Ralphie who just wants a BB gun for Christmas, yet no one will get it for him, not even Santa, because they consider it dangerous and believe that Ralphie might shoot his eye out.


Holiday in Handcuffs

Josh Quintanilla’s (’19) favorite is Holidays in Handcuffs. It is the comedy about a woman named Trudie who kidnaps David Martin, one of her customers, to show her family that she has a boyfriend when she meets them all at Christmas. The movie takes a surprising turn when Martin, after escaping from Trudie and her family, finds himself in love with Trudie despite the circumstances they met under.



If you’re a huge fan of Christmas movies just like these students are, try to catch the Freeform channel’s “25 Days of Christmas” where Freeform shows dozens of holiday movies counting down until December 25. It will air Christmas favorites like ElfThe Nightmare Before ChristmasThe Santa Claus, and luckily for Allison, The Polar Express.