Review: Putting the “sweet” in Sweet Soul


Sweet Soul’s Pink Dragon smoothie, Luv U So Matcha, and an Acai bowl with strawberry, banana, and granola is a must-have, according to staffer Emersyn Brown.

Emersyn Brown, Staff Writer

South Howard is becoming the hot spot in South Tampa. A new shop has popped up called Sweet Soul. This cafe/health shop is known for its smoothies and acai bowls. They have build-your-own acai bowls, smoothies, charcoal hangover shots, and to top it off, they have killer names for every item on the list, stemming anywhere from Busy Bee to 24 Karat.

The banana wall inside of Sweet Soul adds to the aesthetic of the new hot-spot.

Their bowls have a plethora of options to choose from. You can get one out of seven bases, three out of 13 sweets, two out of 12 toppings and one out of eight drizzles or dusting. This café gets high praises from me and many of its customers.


My favorite thing about this place is that, although it’s small, it accommodates to its costumers. It has seating in the front of the store and along the side. There’s a garden in the back where they grow all their greens that they use in their smoothies, accompanied by chickens. So, not only does it create a fun aspect for the restaurant’s environment, but guarantees freshness in whatever you order.

But the goodness in health is accompanied by goodness in flavor. The smoothies are out of this world. Their menu is filled with a variety of flavors and gives the opportunity to customize your own smoothie. I ordered the Pink Dragon smoothie with whey protein and wasn’t disappointed.

The smoothies also great for those who are health conscious. They have whey protein that can be added to make it perfect for those who are focused on physique.

Emersyn takes advantage of the white walls at Sweet Soul for the perfect snapshot of her drink.

Along with their award-worthy food and drink options, Sweet Soul also has a killer aesthetic. They have a pure white wall, which I have to say, is not as boring as it sounds. Social media lovers are often caught taking pictures of their beautifully vibrant food and friends against the white background. But it’s perfectly complimented by a banana wall.

Because so many adore the new hang-out, the size of the facility becomes an issue. It often gets over crowded and uncomfortable, taking away from the warm environment.


If you go:

Address: 2445, 1101 S Howard Ave, Tampa, FL 33606


Closed Monday,

Tuesday thru Thurs: 9 am- 8:30 pm

Friday: 9 am – 9:30 pm

Sat thru Sun: 9 am – 9 pm


Sweet Soul, on South Howard, is a small, popular destination for smoothie lovers.