First day fashion

The first day back at Robinson high school means a fashionable return for many students.

Jules Whitaker, Features Editor

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  • Tristina James ('20) chose to put her hair into boxer braids: a look that combines style and heritage.

  • Another popular hair style was space buns." I just did [space buns] because it's easy and thought it would look cute." Skye Rose ('21) said.

  • Jay Grigsby (’19) wore a vibrant t-shirt. “I thought, ‘Let me pop out for the one time’, and I saw this shirt and thought it’s different from everyone else.” Said Grigsby.

  • Edward Schirmer ('20) said his look was inspired by his goal of being "the school's hype man." and wore a shirt similar to the popular Supreme brand.

  • Coordination; many students make sure their whole outfit pairs together, socks and all. For Jorge Deglado ('20), that meant matching his striped red button down shirt with his red shoes, and dressing it up with long slacks and a belt.

  • As exciting as the first day of school is, it's extra special for Abby Patterson ('20), because it also marks her birthday. " The first day of school has fallen on [Aug. 10] my birthday the past 3 years." She said. To recognize both events, she wears a dress.

  • Alex Kirkner ('20) dressed sophisticated and comfortable, with white jeans and a flowy top.

  • Denim skirts are a trendy piece to add to dress up any top. Brooke Volpi ('20) paired her skirt with a summery blouse.

  • Basket ball shoes are as fashionable as they are athletic. Ethan Suter ('20) sports his new pair of Jourdans as a way to dress up for the start of school.

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