Five trends we’ll cringe at in a few years

Trends that I love (and hate) that we’re going to regret participating in when we’re older


Photo Jennifer Le

Illustration depicting two current trends that may grow to be cringe-worthy.

Olivia Godinez, Opinion Editor

Trends have always been hard to keep up with, but now that social media is readily available, everything is more fast-paced than ever. Especially due to the rise of TikTok, trends go in and out of style almost every day. But no matter how innovative social media is, it’s hard to come up with brand new ideas, leading to the recycling of old trends.

From scrunchies to mom jeans, there are many trends I never expected to come back to the surface. No matter how much I love these fads, I know in another couple of years we’re going to look back at the things we did and cringe at ourselves.

Massive amounts of blush

Now, before the e-girls of the internet attack me, I just want to clarify that I love the way this makeup trend looks. But I just know when we’re all in our thirties looking back at our high school selves, we’re going to yell at our photos and say we were stupid for ever thinking that was good, the same way we look at Jeffree Star for using blush to contour.

Dying the front part of your hair

This trend just reminds me of the chunky skunk highlights from the early 2000s. Enough said. Again, though, no hate—I think dyed hair is cute.

Shoelace belts

I don’t really know who started this trend or why, but I don’t like it. I get the necessity of a belt and maybe your shoelaces are the only thing available to you, but I just genuinely don’t understand the trend. It’s going to turn out the same as tying your sweatshirt around your waist when it’s too hot to wear it—unacceptable.

Tired eyes makeup

When I first saw this trend, I thought it was odd that people would put on makeup to cover their so-called “imperfections” just to add them back on with the makeup—like drawing on your eyebags with concealer and eyeshadow. I warmed up to it after a while, because I personally think tired eyes are beautiful, but later on, down the road, we’re just going to be confused as to why we did that in the first place.

Bucket Hats

Bucket hats were always weird to me. They remind me of 90’s rappers that wear baggy zip-up sweatshirts and sag their pants way too low. But ever since that one girl on TikTok made an Appa bucket hat, they’ve been all the rage. And though I think they can look cute depending on the outfit, they’re hard to pull off.