Back to School Snacks!

A list of healthy snacks to eat while school is starting back up.


Photo Lindsey Chadwick

A display of some of the snacks listed. Healthy options to energize you and get you through your day.

Lindsey Chadwick, Staff Writer

With school starting up I wanted to give everyone some good, somewhat healthy snacks to eat. These snacks are what I eat almost everyday and I love them! They are healthy and they fill you up. It is important to be able to find a good balanced diet that allows you to focus on a positive mindset. I am showing a variety of snacks so you can improve your diet! Diet doesn’t necessarily mean cutting something out entirely. If you think you need to cut out carbs or sugars altogether to be healthy, that’s where your wrong. All you need to do is find a good balance for yourself. Everyone is different so these are merely suggestions to get you started on obtaining a healthier diet. Additionally, having a nutritional diet is important for academics. Food equals fuel. If you have enough food in your system, you will function better and learn more!

  1. Veggie Straws: Veggie straws are so good. They taste just like a potato chip but you can have way more for the same amount of calories. The serving size for some Ruffles are 12 chips for 160 calories. That is not going to fill you up and you are going to eat way more than the serving size. The serving size for veggie straws is 38 straws for 130 calories. You can have a lot more straws for less calories than the serving size of Ruffles. Veggie Straws also come in a ranch, cheese and cinnamon flavor. So, you can mix up the different types and have a variety of flavors flowing through your mouth.
  2. Carrots: Carrots might not be the best snack in the world but there are ways to make them taste a lot better. You could add a side of ranch or eat them with some hummus. Adding a little dip on the side makes eating carrots a lot easier and taste a lot better.
  3. Eat Me Guilt Free Brownies: These brownies are so good. They have a ton of flavors and I recommend trying them all, so you can find the flavor you like. These brownies are filled with protein, 22 grams actually. This makes them so much healthier than a regular brownie. You can have them as a treat or even having them as a snack is good too! The title is perfect for them because you don’t have to feel guilty for eating this brownie- they’re healthy! I 10/10 recommend the peanut butter brownie because those are my favorite!
  4. Grapes: Grapes are my favorite snack. They are so easy to grab out of the fridge and simply pop them into your mouth. I could eat a whole bag of them if I really wanted to. When you get that nice bag of crispy grapes, you can’t let them go to waste.
  5. Pita bread with hummus: First of all pita bread is delicious. But, in order for it to be somewhat healthy, adding hummus gives you a super nutritious and protein rich snack.
  6. Watermelon: Watermelon is such a great snack because not only is it tasty, it hydrates you! I know we all forget to drink water throughout today, so eating watermelon is a perfect way to fill you up as well as get some water in your system.
  7. Ritz crackers: Ritz crackers are so easy. If I am running out of my house and need something to eat, I will just grab a stack and eat them on the way. They are tasty and if you want to spice them up a little bit you can add different spreads on top! You could add peanut butter, hummus or if you want a little treat you could add Nutella to make a delicious snack.