I now understand my hatred for men “All Too Well”

Hey Gyllenhaal! I’m outside your house! Open up!


Photo Taylor Swift

The title screen of “All Too Well: The Short Film,” which can be streamed on Swift’s YouTube channel.

Juno Le, Editor-in-Chief

Sad Girl Autumn just got better.

The most awaited factor of Taylor Swift’s release of “Red (Taylor’s Version)” was her ten-minute version of “All Too Well,” a breakup song written for her ex-boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal after their breakup in 2011. The singer surprised her fans with the announcement of a short film pairing with the song starring Sadie Sink as Her and Dylan O’Brien as Him.

While I’m not a die-hard Swiftie, I know one thing for sure now: men suck. “All Too Well: The Short Film” was exactly what I needed to spice up my seasonal depression and grief of being single: fall edition.

O’Brien and Sink as Him and Her in Swift’s new film. The characters, dating at the moment, are walking around on a romantic getaway in upstate New York. (Photo Taylor Swift)

The actual plot of the film follows two people: the leading lady, Her, and her love interest, Him. In the beginning, they travel to upstate New York, where the couple seems fairly happy for like two minutes. They fight, Him is dismissive and they eventually break up. The distinct age gap between the two causes some issues and Her feels like there was some naivety on her part.

The film is broken up into four parts after the intro and each part skips around, showing all aspects of what led up to the breakup, before the breakup and after the breakup from Her’s point of view.

For Swift’s directorial debut, there are so many genius choices and details she made, from the lighting to the props. I’ve watched “All Too Well” at least five times now and found some new easter egg each time. There’s also some character in the way she chooses to portray a passage in time.

The visuals aren’t anything breathtaking. They’re simple, but it’s sad girl autumn and the warm and neutral colors bring out that end of fall vibe. It’s cozy and it works because of course Swift can romanticize autumn. They’re realistic, or, as realistic as you’ll get from a pop star like Swift and it gives you that homey feeling that lets you experience the pain of the breakup with Her.

Her crying in her bed after the breakup. Swift has said in interviews that she specifically wanted Sink to be cast as Her before Sink had agreed to the role. (Photo Taylor Swift)

The casting of Her and Him was perfect. Both Sink and O’Brien portrayed the arguments, emotions and fights so well that even the scenes with no speech hurt me.

The shot of Her crying in her bed after their breakup hit me really close to home, and I bet it does for many other fans. Nothing beats Sink’s facial expressions in this, bringing out that lonely feeling you get after a breakup despite still being surrounded by people.

O’Brien also does a great job with Him. I love O’Brien, truly. I’m big fan of the “Maze Runner.” But his acting was a little too good that there were moments where I wanted to punch his face through the screen. His portrayal of a toxic man in a relationship who gaslights and manipulates also hit and hurt very close to home. I quite literally finished watching the film saying “God, I hate men.”

“All Too Well: The Short Film” fits the romantic depression of the season. Grab a fluffy blanket, some hot cocoa, maybe some tissues and sit down to watch this. Who needs men this season? Blame your ex for all of your problems, but with that sad girl autumn aesthetic. Don’t forget your red scarf!

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