Homerun Hitoff

Homerun Hitoff

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Gia Coleman

It’s the third round of the Homerun Derby Championship. The fifteen players that the derby started with have dwindled to very few. Zachary Sabo steps up to the plate and swings the bat gracefully. He watches as the ball soars across the large field and hits the fence and with that, senior Zachary Sabo has earned his spot as the Homerun Champion of Hillsborough County. The Homerun Derby Championship occurred Friday during Spring break and included fifteen of some of the best student baseball players from all over Hillsborough County. The derby consisted of three rounds, of which, through hard work and ample practice, Sabo breezed through and won first place.

Sabo is no novice to baseball though, he has played since he was six years old, and most of his life has revolved the sport in some way, including the friends he has made, such as fellow baseball senior Mario Giovanetti, and it has even affected his college decisions. Sabo applied and was accepted to Saint Leo University then took it upon himself to apply for their baseball team and was easily accepted. He is currently one of the hitters on Robinson’s baseball team, and having been a member of the team since his freshman year, Sabo has worked hard and been extolled as a great captain of the team.  Sabo also makes a point to dress up on game days to promote baseball.

“The football players wear their jerseys, ” Sabo explains. “But I think that dressing nicely in a dress shirt with slacks, not too fancy, but enough to still be professional brings an air of seriousness and professionalism and shows everyone that our baseball team consists  of serious and dedicated players.”

Now, ending off his senior year, he’s running for prom king and hopes to achieve another great success in his high school career.