Football Enters Final Games of the Season

Matthew Hall, Sports Reporter

Expectation: “Same as every week, we expect to win.”

Stand Outs: Terrance Baldwin, Brandon Peters, Jahrvis Davenport and Damon Willis. Coach Taylor doesn’t expect them to disappoint these last two games. Unfortunately with a 9-team district, dubbed the District of Death by local sports bloggers, it looks like the team will miss the play-offs this year.

Speaker: Coach Shawn Taylor

Quote: “If you fail to prepare, you prepare to fail!”

Record: 3-5

Season summary: The team did less than expected. Not to make any excuses but along with the young team and rebuilding process, the injuries to Aivory Foster, Andrew Neal and Michael Duclos didn’t help.

Final Game: The Knights will face the Hillsborough Terriers on November 1 at Chelo Huerta Field. The team has not faced Hillsborough on the grid iron in almost a decade and will see a familiar face on the sidelines. Former OC and Hillsborough County Assistant Coach of the Year Robert Burns now coaches defensive backs for the Terriers. The final week of football season was slated as the team’s bye week.