Basketball Dresses for Success

Mitchel Chowning, Sports Editor

On game day, the Knights basketball expects to find success on the court. But head coach Steve Smith wants them to dress the part, too.

”It shows class by our team and makes us feel good about representing the school,” said Smith.

But who does it best?

The names Rious Fortier and Quamane Cumber, both sophomores, came up.

Cumber is oblivious to the attention drawn by dressing up for game day.

”It doesn’t bother me what others say,” said Cumber. “I’m more focused on the game.”

Fortier, hunched over in his chair to keep it quiet in the media center, has a different perspective.

”It’s nice,” said Fortier. “I would rather wear this than wear our warmups.”

Fortier doesn’t mind the attention.

“When people look at me at first they question and ask why,” he said. “And I tell them its for basketball and they understand.”

The Knights (4-4) prepare to defend the castle against the Newsome Wolves (5-1) at 6:30pm tonight at home.