Maine Maritime’s Newest Recruit


Catia Sleet, Staff Writer

IB senior Kylee Gorngpratum has played volleyball since her freshman year of high school, playing Robinson junior varsity team for two years before moving up to varsity for her junior and senior year.

Once on varsity, she immediately became captain and started setting in all rotations. The last year she wore her jersey, Gorngpratum guided her team to the State semi-finals.

Along with school volleyball, Gorngpratum played club volleyball for three consecutive years. This meant countless hours of practice and multiple tournaments throughout each season, meaning Gorngpratum had to keep a careful balance between her IB course load and sports.

This past March, all of Gorngpratum’s hard work paid off when Maine Maritime Academy recruited her to fill a setting position. Maine Maritime Academy is a NCAA Division III school for volleyball and a college focused on engineering, management, science and transportation.

“I’m really looking forward to it. I’ve met the coaches and current captains of the team,” said Gorngpratum.

Gorngpratum plans to major in International Business and Logistics.

“That major will provide many job opportunities after college,” she said.

Gorngpratum plans to visit the college in the next two weeks and couldn’t contain her excitement when talking about it.

Change is a perfect way to explain this transition. After working hard on and off the court, Gorngpratum is able to excel in volleyball and earn a college degree starting this fall.

“It will be cold and far, but I’m ready for change,” said Gorngpratum.