Tampa Bay Buccaneers Hold A Pre-season Scrimmage

Tight End- Ian Thompson (49) Running Back- Mike James (25)

Renee Matamba, Staff Writer

Yesterday evening, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers held an open, pre-season scrimmage for new and returning players. This early training was able to be observed by Buccaneer fans, those who gathered included locals, fans through out the state, as well as Macdill Air Force Base Boy Scouts.

The affair began with the NFL players competing in several scrimmages. Participating quarterbacks included Josh McCown (12), Alex Tanney (4), Mike Kafka (3) and Mike Glennon (8). All other Buccaneer players were substituted in aand out through out the game.

After several practice scrimmages, children under the age of 13 were given the opportunity to enter the practice field and receive autographs from select players. This group of players included the head coach, Lonnie Pryor (45), Michael Koenen (9), Connor Barth (10) and Adrian Clayborn (94).