Thomas Tyson Ready to Finish Strong


Photo T. Tyson

Catia Sleet, Staff Writer

Senior Thomas Tyson started playing football when he was eight years old. He played at home with his siblings and at Rampello middle school.

Ever since, Tyson said, “I’ve always loved the feeling of being on the field.”

He works out with the team and on his own at home or at the YMCA. Tyson plays wide receiver for the Knights and has confidence for the season.

“We are more disciplined, on top of being mentally and physically tough in the weight room.”

In his final years, he has seen the highs and lows of the Robinson football program. He is hoping for a fulfilling last year with his brother, Malik Tyson, who is a junior quarterback.

“I hope to make it to the playoffs,” said Tyson. “One step at a time.”