Gilhool Hopes to Lead Team to Success


Photo F. Wilson

Frankie Wilson, Staff Writer

Caroline Gilhool, the captain of the varsity golf team, has played golf since age seven.
Golf is highly individual and independent, yet the golf team still supports one another and bonds as a team.
“I love being part of a team. It’s a really great experience. Golf is an individual sport so you normally don’t get to be in a team environment, but playing for the school team enables you to have that opportunity,” said Gilhool… “We push each other to do our best. It is competitive and fun,”
As a senior and an IB student, Gilhool has to manage both school and sports.
“Balancing schoolwork and golf can sometimes be challenging but I’ve learned not to procrastinate. If I know I have a match then I’ll try to do my schoolwork ahead of time,” said Gilhool.
Gilhool has experienced many great memories and accomplishments during her time on the golf team.
“Junior year was my favorite year on the team. The girl’s golf team beat Plant! I also shot a 75 at districts. Seeing how far the team and I have come is really amazing.”
As the captain and an experienced golfer, Gilhool helps her younger teammates with their game.
“I love all the new players on our team! In the past we’ve struggled to have enough players, but this year we have more than we have had in previous years. It’s exciting to see new people come out and play. As a captain, I try to get them fired up about playing and get them excited for the season.”