Athlete Spotlight | Rex Ryan


Photo M. Cox

Morgan Cox, Staff Writer

Boys swim captain Rex Ryan (’15) on his team hopes and goals for the season.

On the Season in General: “It’s my last year on the swim team and I want my boys and I want my boys and I to go out with a bang,” said Rex Ryan (’15).

On Season Goals: “To get as many swimmers to Districts as possible or even Regionals. I would also like my 200 free relay and my 200 free individual to make it past Regionals and onto States, he said. That would be my defying moment of my swim career, and I honestly, think it can happen”.

On  Being a Leader: “As a team captain, I believe that motivating others and being a strong leader stems from setting the example and explaining what to do for the swimmers that have questions or need help. I’m really glad I was chosen to be that “example”. I love what I do, and I want the other swimmers to love it just as much as I do or even more.”