High Hopes For Girls Soccer

Ashlea Daniels, Staff Writer

Tonight, Nov. 19, the girls soccer are playing a home game against Jefferson. With only one loss so far this season and 3 district championships in a row to look back on, hopes are high.

“The goal is to just go in there and win it and to stay in districts so we can win the district championship 4 years in a row,” said captain, Samantha Ishee (’15).

Billy Helms, girls soccer coach, is overall looking for tonight to be a good night for everyone.

“[The goal tonight would be] to win, but also to get a lot of my second players out and to get them prepared,” said Helms.

So far this season they have managed to tie with Plant and beat Wharton, whom they both lost to last year.

“I’m really, really hopeful and proud of the girls and [I] think we have a shot at making it to finals,” said Ishee.

Being Ishee’s last year she holds a sense of finality with this season and how it turns out.

“It’s really tough, there’s a lot of moments when I go onto the field and [think] ‘oh this is the last time I’m gonna be doing this’. Hopefully just having a successful season and everything will make this a great senior year.”