Football Stepping Stone for 2015 Signees

Isabel Hanewicz, RHStoday Editor-in-Chief

De’Montre Moore says his mother didn’t believe this day would ever be reality. One year ago, twins De’Montre and De’Andre were not allowed to play football. They got in some trouble, struggled with grades and befriended the wrong kind of people.

Even Shawn Taylor, Robinson’s head coach, noted the overwhelming majority of the school did not expect the twins back on the team senior year.

It’s hard to get college offers when you aren’t playing in high school.

However, the twins managed to shape up. They got A’s and B’s junior year, made varsity as seniors. And today, they sat with three of their other teammates to sign NLI’s.

Hutchinson Community College isn’t the big leagues of UF or FSU, but it’s a start.

I’ll miss the Friday nights, getting prepared, everybody in a big huddle.”

— De'Montre Moore

“This is wanted I wanted to do [all along],” said De’Montre with a big smile on his face. “I’ll miss the Friday nights, getting prepared, everybody in a big huddle. Talking, talking about how we’re going to beat up on this kid, and this and that. That’s what I’m going to miss the most.”

Along with the twins, wide receiver Jahrvis Davenport signed with the University of Maryland, guard Ross Peeler with Massachusetts Maritime Academy, and running back Aivory Foster with Johns Hopkins University.

“I felt like it was a home away from home,” said Davenport about why he picked Maryland.

“People were giving me ridicule like ‘Why [did] you commit so early? You could have got more offers’,” he said.  “But it’s just the way I felt when I was there. DC is so close, for job opportunities. Even after football is said and done with, I felt real comfortable when I was there.”

While parents, teachers and friends watched, they signed their NLI’s one-by-one with Taylor standing behind them, one last action before they became someone else’s athlete.

For the coach who tells his athletes to call him anytime, who will hang out with them after school and on weekends in order to keep them under his eye out of trouble, signing day is proof of what his athletes have become.

They are, as Assistant Principal Niki Lockett says, “Robinson Rising.””

He noted Davenport’s athletic skill, the twin’s academic struggles. Peeler had to overcome tearing his ACL as a sophomore. Foster, a captain, has a 5.5 GPA and is going to a university ranked 12th nationally by the US News & World Report.

They’ll leave Robinson in a few months, yet to Taylor, their work will be remembered in the years to come.  They are, as Assistant Principal Niki Lockett says, “Robinson Rising.” And rise they did.

“[My brother and I] were troubled kids, we weren’t bad, but we just misbehaved. [That’s] why I’m excited, because of my mom,” said De’Montre. “My mother never thought I’d be in college.”