Flag Football: Knights Shut Out Longhorns 20-0 En Route to State Title


Photo Isabel Hanewicz

After a 20-0 win over Harmony, Robinson Flag Football poses with their state championship trophy and medals.

Isabel Hanewicz, RHStoday Editor-in-Chief

On June 4, 2015, Robinson head flag football coach Joshua Saunders sent out an email to his team with the subject line: “Next year starts NOW!!!”

With the releasing of the districts and new classifications, the new year begins now, began the email, which outlined the team’s 2016 motto of #BeTheOne.

Under the team objectives, rather nondescriptly written, Saunders laid out a major goal for his team: “We want to be the one that wins the 1st ever 1A State Championship.”

345 days later, on their home field, the Knights were the ones to win the first 1A State Championship, shutting out Harmony 20-0.

Offensively, the Knights took a lead early in the first quarter off a touchdown by McKenna Tyson (’17), who scored again a few minutes into second quarter to increase the lead to 13-0.

On defense, the Knights once again played strong, with linebacker Kelly Dorsey (’16) and rusher Sarah Jennewein (’17) both helping hold off the Longhorns from reaching the end zone. Corner Tess Brookes (’16) had a key interception in the third quarter for the Knights, pitching to Megan Bohan (’16) for a 20-0 lead.

After an interception, Tess Brookes ('16) runs away towards the Knights' end zone during the third quarter.
Photo Isabel Hanewicz
After intercepting a Harmony ball, Tess Brookes (’16) runs away towards the Knights’ end zone during the third quarter.

“They are so much more than [just being the ones to win states]. They wanted to be the one who acts the way they are supposed to in class. We won the county award for academics and we plan on winning the state one for academics,” Saunders said. “They’ve done everything that I’ve asked them to. Everything.”

The route to the title wasn’t always easy for the team who entered the season a heavy favorite in 1A; the Knights lost to Lincoln 13-6 in the Capital City Classic and almost gave up a state finals berth during last night’s 7-6 OT win over Godby.

But today, when it mattered, they delivered, only further proving Saunders’ description of the team as resilient.

“We’ve probably had more talented teams, but they could’ve folded out after the [Lincoln] loss and just given up… and they came back the next Monday and beat Plant,” he said. “…Then we could’ve done the same exact thing last night, 7-6, they could’ve quit at any [point] at that game, and we could’ve lost in the state semifinals.”

“But they wouldn’t let up, they wouldn’t give up.”

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