States away, pitcher finds new home in Tampa


Photo Sarah Jennewein

Pitcher Peter Feinman (’17) moved from Virginia to Florida in hopes of improving his baseball skill.

Macy McClintock, Staff Writer

For most high school athletes, dedication to a sport involves heavy workout plans, intense practices and missing more than a few parties. But for Peter Feinman (’17), dedication involved moving miles from home.

Since he was six, Feinman has dreamed of playing in the MLB, and after a meeting Tampa pitching coach Orlando Chinea, he knew Chinea would help him move him towards bigger diamonds.

“I found [Chinea] in Florida and I knew that he could get me where I wanted to be, so that’s why I made the decision to move down here,” Feinman said. ““There was a confident feeling about it [moving] where I just knew everything was gonna work out.”

In 36 hours, Feinman and his parents decided to move to Tampa with the opportunity to pitch amongst legends and be coached by one too.

Chinea, formerly the Cuban National Team pitching coach, now dedicates his time to training youth athletes. His proteges include Houston Astro Lance McCullers, Miami Marlin Jose Fernandez and former Devil Ray Rolando Arrojo.

Baseball is not the only thing on Feinman’s mind. He’s also the first senior IB transfer in recorded Robinson history, a transition that has not always been smooth.

“When I came here I assumed all IB programs were the same, but there’s been a few hiccups in the road, a few differences and I’ve had to work through that and adjust to new schedules and different times,” he said. “But I believe everything happens for a reason and I’ll be able to get through this with my head straight.”