Homecoming Shares Date With Swim Districts


Photo Ariana Megarian

The swim team cheers on a swimmer at a recent swim meet.

Cilicia Anderson, Sports Editor

With Homecoming festivities pushed back to the month of October, scheduling has been hectic, especially for the swim team. The team will compete in their district meet the morning of Oct. 21, and will have to rush to get ready for Homecoming that night.

“Oh my God, they’re all annoyed and mad,” Ela Gonzalez (’18) said. “Some people had to move their hair and nail appointments. Districts usually ends around two or three so they barely have time to get ready, not to mention they’ll be really tired.”

Some swimmers are really stressed about having to rush getting ready for homecoming and aren’t looking forward to the chaos.

“The fact that hoco and districts are on the same day is stressing me out a lot,” Rosie Matthews (’18) said. “Hopefully it will end around two and everything will turn out fine. The only thing that worries me is that I’m supposed to take pictures with my friends around 4:30, so I’ll have to get ready pretty fast if I want to make it there in time.”

The change in plans has caused a lot of stress for the team, especially the girls who planned on scheduling appointments beforehand. However, Matthew Reinecke (’18) said it won’t affect him as much.

“I don’t think it’s that big of a deal, like I don’t have that much to prep for because I’m a guy,” Reinecke said. “It’s just kind of annoying that I have to get up super early and compete so I can’t go to the Homecoming game and then I’ll be out late so I’ll be super tired the next day, but it’s Homecoming so you gotta go out”

The team has been practicing for this year’s meet and they said they’re trying to not let the tight timeline affect them.

“Most people who are districts also end up making regionals,” Matthews said. “Hopefully it’ll be the same way this year, as of now we’ve just been doing our normal practices but I think we’re supposed to start tapering pretty soon”