College Football Playoff week 11 rankings revealed


The college football standings were released on ESPN’s Top 25 rankings show last Tuesday.

Paul Jennewein, Staff Writer

The College Football Playoff rankings were released on ESPN’s Top 25 rankings show last Tuesday. Though a thoroughly unentertaining half hour of television, the rankings revealed are concerning for some hopeful teams looking to be included in the College Football Playoff.

In a highly competitive field, SEC conqueror Alabama (10-0) leads the pack followed by ACC adversaries Clemson (9-1) and Miami (9-0). The decision to put Clemson over Miami gives valuable insight into understanding the selection committee’s priorities going forward. They decided that the Tigers’ strength in schedule overwhelms Miami’s perfect season. I disagree with this decision because it overlooks Miami’s dominating victory over then No. 3 seeded Notre Dame last week.

These powerhouses are followed Oklahoma (9-1), led by Heisman candidate Baker Mayfield, Big Ten representative Wisconsin (10-0), and SEC competitors Auburn and Georgia. I believe the committee got it right by ranking Oklahoma over Wisconsin because the Badgers’ have played a relatively weak schedule in comparison to Oklahoma. With wins over Oklahoma State and TCU, the Sooners’ have shown enough for the committee to overlook their close loss to Iowa State. As for Auburn (8-2), they do not deserve to be rated higher than Georgia (9-1), a team that just last week was ranked No. 1. Despite Auburn’s head to head victory over the Bulldogs, it is too rash to ignore the rest of Georgia’s season by defining with one game.

As for the other 123 Division 1 college football programs, they will have to finish off the season without a National Championship. But with two games left until judgment day, look for a major shift at the top of the college football landscape.