Green for a cause


Photo Athena Crews

Robinson’s mascot rallies the crowd during the Plant pep rally on Sept. 1, 2017.

Abigail Meyer, Staff Writer

As winter sports begin to close out their regular seasons, Robinson’s Student Government Association (SGA) is putting together a pep rally to support the sports teams and make announcements for upcoming events.

While the pep rally is being held to recognize winter sports, it will also support a Robinson student who has recently been diagnosed with stage three lymphoma cancer. Students are being urged to wear green to the pep rally in support.

“Wearing green will show that we support her and that we all have her back,” said SGA Chief of Staff Yaimilly Ayala (’18).

Ayala and Bryce Hoover (’18), the SGA commissioner of spirit, will be the MCs of the pep rally.

“I think this pep rally is going to be a little different because even though we don’t have the band because of unknown reasons, the starlets were figuring out other ways to incorporate more games and student involvement,” Ayala said. “The goal of this pep rally is to unify the student body.”

There will also be a DJ present at the pep rally and many appearances by “Queen B”.

“There is going to be a lot of dancing and music that everyone can get hype to,” Hoover said.

Sarah Sanford, SGA sponsor and teacher at Robinson, mentions that there will be a lot of performances and surprises at this pep rally, including a performance by Robinson’s cheer team, color guard and a former American Idol contestant and current Robinson student, Zjala Phelps (’18). Sanford also mentions that there will be a guest appearance of our “green knight”.

“This will be a chance to support our winter sports and cheer them on,” Sanford said. “We will also be promoting Robinson’s Relay for Life activities.”

The pep rally will be held on Friday, Jan. 12 in Robinson’s gymnasium. Robinson faculty and students are encouraged to wear green.