Weekly recap: 3/5-3/9


Flag Football:

The Knights (1-0) started off their regular season by taking on Tampa Bay Tech on Monday, March 5. With a 28-0 win under their belt, they now head into a 15-day period until their next game.

“I think it was a great start to the season,” inside receiver Emily Kemp (’20), who scored three touchdowns throughout the night, said. “We really showed how organized and dominant we can be compared to other teams.”

The Knights face Jefferson next Wednesday, March 21, at Robinson High School (6311 S. Lois Ave, 33616).


The Knights (4-4) were met with a series of victories for the first time this season, beginning the week with a three-game win streak prior to a tough loss.

The Knights first played Spoto (1-7) on Tuesday, March 6, beating the Spartans 3-0 in their first district win of the season. They then faced Hillsborough on Thursday, March 8, defeating the Terriers 3-0.

After the two wins, Robinson headed into the annual Saladino Baseball Tournament, hosted by the University of Tampa, first by facing Tampa Bay Tech (1-5) on Saturday, March 10. The Knights skimmed by the Titans with a 6-5 win, ending with 10 hits to the Titans’ 12 and five fielding errors to the Titans’ two.

After the tournament was postponed for a day due to weather threats, the Knights’ winning streak ended on Tuesday, March 13, in a 9-1 loss to Steinbrenner (4-3).

The Knights and Warriors were tied 1-1 with two outs in the bottom of the fifth inning, when the Knights gave up eight runs.

Robinson then played Brooks DeBartolo (3-8-1) in a consolation game, losing 7-5.

“We need to focus on doing what we can control like limiting errors and putting the ball in play,” outfielder Austin Glaskow (’18) said. “If we maintain that mindset, I feel we will be pretty competitive.”

The Knights face Middleton next Tuesday, March 20, at Middleton High School (4801 N 22nd St, 33610).


The Lady Knights (8-4) had a shutout 15-0 win over Spoto (0-10) on Tuesday, March 6. They then went on to match that score, 15-0, with their win against Hillsborough (2-6) on Thursday, March 8.

“Two wins like that is definitely exciting and a big confidence booster. Coming out and performing like that against district teams is what we expect of ourselves and sets the bar high for future games,” shortstop Alex Kirkner (’20) said. “Even with the scores we put up, we can still improve our hitting… We aren’t perfect, but we are working to be pretty close.”

The Lady Knights will play at Middleton (1-7) next Tuesday, March 20 at 7 p.m. (4801 N. 22nd St., 33610).

Track and Field:

Robinsons track team traveled to King High School on Saturday, March 10. Destiny Thomas (‘19) finished 2nd in shot put and 8th in discus, while Myron Ausby (‘18) finished 5th in the 400. Both Isaiah Hargrove (‘18) and Kyle Creech (‘18) made new personal records in shot put.

“It felt really good to break my personal record,” Hargrove said. “Hopefully next time I can do better, maybe even break another record.”

The Knights will have their Western Conference meet on Tuesday, March 27 at Jefferson High School (4401 W Cypress St,  33607).

Boys Lacrosse:

The Knights (1-5) had an 0-2 week, starting off with their 13-6 loss to Alonso (1-5) on Tuesday, March 6, giving Alonso their first win of the season. They followed it up with an 11-2 loss to Bloomingdale (6-2) on Thursday, March 8.

“Although both [games this week] were losses, they made me extremely proud,” co-captain Dominic Mazza (‘19) said. “Our team as a whole is pretty brand new, and the majority has this as their first season…a team full of juniors will beat a team full of freshman just by experience.”

The Knights will face Jesuit (9-0) at home on Monday, March 19 at 7 p.m. (6311 S. Lois Ave., 33616).

Girls Lacrosse:

The Lady Knights (4-2) had a 19-4 win over Alonso (0-6) on Tuesday, March 6 and an 8-7 win over Bloomingdale (2-2) on Thursday, March 8.

Though they took the win on Thursday, the final score tells little about the game.

The Lady Knights had the lead at halftime, but ended up in double overtime after a tied 7-7 game at the end of regulation. Joanna Sprott (‘19) hit the winning goal for the Lady Knights in the second six-minute overtime.

“The win against Bloomingdale showed how our team is able to come together and win,” co-captain Carolina Cassedy (’18) said. “It was a super tough game and even though people were hurt [and] tired… we still never gave up. The game shows our heart.”

The Lady Knights will face Steinbrenner (3-3) on Monday, March 19 at 5 p.m. (5575 W. Lutz Lake Fern Rd., 33558).