Weekly recap 3/19-3/23


Quarterback and co-captain Lauren king (’18) pre-reads the defense before the ball is snapped.

Flag Football:

The Knights came off of a 13-day game break with a 60-0 win against King last Thursday, March 6.

“It was the first game where both offense and defense really played well,” starting quarterback and co-captain Lauren King (’18), who threw five touchdowns that night, said. “It felt cohesive and like everything is starting to come together.”

The Knights will face Bloomingdale on Wednesday, March 28, at Bloomingdale High School (1700 Bloomingdale Ave., 33596).


Robinson (5-6) took the field with two district matchups last week, starting off with Middleton on Tuesday, March 20.

The Knights went on to defeat the Tigers 20-0 in four innings. Robinson immediately broke open the game with 10 runs in the first inning, adding on another cumulative 10 in the second and third innings.

On Thursday, March 21, the Knights faced district powerhouse Jesuit (8-3) and could not finish, falling 5-4.

Jesuit scored four runs in the first inning, taking the lead early. But in the bottom of the fifth, a series of walks led to offensive moves for the Knights.

Starting outfielder Chase Volpi (’18), started off the rally with a walk.

“It’s always tough to lose that close but in a way it was a wake up moment for the team,” Volpi said. “Now we know we can play them and potentially beat them.”

The Knights will face Blake (1-9) in another district matchup tonight, March 27, at Robinson (6311 S Lois Ave, Tampa, FL 33616).


The Lady Knights (9-4) had a shutout 17-0 win over Middleton (1-9) on Tuesday, March 20.

“[Middleton is] an easier game and we were able to get reps in. It was a practice game for us,” Savannah Shackowsky (’19) said. “Overall I think we’re doing great as a team and I’m looking forward to beating Jefferson because they are one of our more competitive district games.”

The Lady Knights will play Blake (4-4) on Tuesday, March 27 at Blake High School (1701 N. Boulevard, 33607).

Boys Lacrosse:

The Knights (1-7) fellow short in both away games last week, starting with a 17-1 loss to Jesuit (12-1) on Monday, March 19. They then followed that up with a 8-2 loss to Tampa Prep (2-5) on Thursday, March 22.

“The Tampa Prep game was a mess because we had every opportunity to come out on top,” Brian Young (’19) said. “But we just couldn’t get our stuff together and actually play lacrosse.”

The Knights will play Sickles on Monday, March 26 at Sickles High School (7950 Gunn Hwy., 33626).

Girls Lacrosse:

The Lady Knights swallowed a tough 11-10 loss to Steinbrenner on Monday, March 19. Corey Hendricks (’18) and Kelsie Campbell (’19), two of the Lady Knights’ best defenders, were both out with injuries, which took a toll on the team.

“We were very strong in the first half… and we were still a little rusty from spring break,” Hendericks said. “We didn’t do as well as we hoped… and we didn’t have a lot of subs that game either, so everybody was really tired and we just kind of gave up.”

The Lady Knights will play Sickles on Monday, March 26 at Sickles High School (7950 Gunn Hwy., 33626).


Robinson’s track did not participate in a meet last week.

Their next meet will be the Western Conference on Tuesday, March 27, at Jefferson High School (4401 W Cypress St,  33607).


Boys Tennis:

On March 21, Robinson Knights trekked up to Lutz to face Steinbrenner (5575 W. Lutz Lake Fern Rd. Lutz, Florida).

“Tennis this year has been very good. We were able to win some games against different schools, however, we lost to Steinbrenner,” said Dongwoo Kim (’19).

Nikhil Pardeep (’19) was the only team member to win his game. However, despite the loss this past week, the team continues to remain positive.

“It is very exciting to take part of the team,” said Kim. “We have things to look onto with more games to happen within the coming weeks.”

Their next match will be at Chamberlain on Thursday, March 29 at Blake High School (1701 N. Boulevard, 33607).

Girls Tennis:

Then Lady Knights one five matches to Steinbrenner’a two on March 21.

Kaki McNeel (’18), Ashley Osiason (’18), and Cat Liu (’19) all contributed to the victory by winning their singles games. Liu and Julia Smith (’19) and McNeel and Oaison also each won their doubles games.

“This season our goal is to make it to states and do better than last year,” said Catherine Liu (’19). “We’re more of a family than a team and whether we win or lose, we always come out of a match with more experience than we had going in.”

However, to many, tennis is about more than just the game and whether they win or lose.

“Tennis for me is an opportunity to join not only a team, but as family as well,” Liu said. “Throughout the entire season we work together and support each other. We drive each other to be better as athletes and just better people in general.”

Their next match will be at Chamberlain on Thursday, March 29 at Blake High School (1701 N. Boulevard, 33607).