It wasn’t time to cut Koetter

Macy McClintock, Sports Editor

As a beaming Bucs fan and aggressively passionate feminist, I’ve found myself morally torn throughout this season. And it’s left me with a huge dislike for Jameis Winston. Yes, he served his suspension, yet he continues to make wrong life choices on top of not playing up to the hype that continuously comes with a first round draft pick, even if that was in 2015.  I was absolutely appalled when I found out that Winston will rake in $21 million next season and Koetter will get kicked to the curb.

Sure, the Bucs had a losing season, but what’s new? I was one week old when we won the Super Bowl in 2001. The Bucs haven’t had a winning season since 2008.

So I don’t think the blame can be put on Koetter when, yet again, we can’t seem to have a successful run. In fact, Koetter has had the best winning record since John Gruden, who left the team a decade ago.

Don’t get me wrong, I do believe that Koetter wasn’t perfect, but I think he had a strong chemistry with the team, one that would only get stronger over time. And I don’t think the Bucs continued to lose due to his inability to to coach effectively.

Both backup quarterback Ryan Fitzpatrick and Winston have strong arms, yet lack the ability to run the ball far when needed. We also don’t utilize the backfield enough, even when our running backs, specifically Jacquizz Rodgers and Ronald Jones II, bring immense speed to the table.

Lastly, for some reason Buccaneers love to be injured. We just couldn’t keep players off the Injured List this season. Koetter couldn’t control that.

Yes, the Bucs only won five games this season; I’m not saying that’s good. But, I think that too many other factors played a role in the losing season and certainly don’t think it was time for Koetter to go- especially before Winston.