Emily Kemp: the all-around athlete

One student athlete spends her last year at Robinson leading three sports to victory.


Emily Kemp makes a touchdown during the 2019 flag football season.

Jaylen Stasio, Staff Writer

Emily Kemp (’20) is known for her many academic and athletic achievements. She is an all-around athlete who has been recognized for her unmatched talent in sports. Kemp plays volleyball, basketball, and flag football at Robinson High School and is a leader for all three sports.

Being a captain, Kemp feels a lot of responsibility as a senior to appear a leader to the younger players.

“I’m really excited to work really hard for one last year with all of my teammates and hopefully be pretty successful,” Kemp said.

During her high school career, she has won many awards and accomplished a plethora of goals. Kemp has been playing volleyball and basketball since the start of middle school, and participated in nine Sports from fourth to sixth grade.

You would’t think an athlete with 3 state championships under her belt would feel pressure when performing under dire situations,  but for Kemp, the pressure is still there.

“Pressure for me is very relative. It depends what sport and what situation. Generally, I feel more pressure in basketball and volleyball even though, ironically, there are higher-pressure situations in flag,” Kemp said.

Kemp has been a crucial part of every team she has taken part in at Robinson and her performance under pressure proves her reliability as a player.

Kemp stands out for her athletic achievements, but participating in three sports takes a lot of time and as a student in Robinson’s IB program, time management plays a large role in her life.

“I try to maximize all of my free time before a practice or game so that I am not super rushed with work when I get home late,” Kemp said.

Game day is different for every athlete and Kemp sure has a unique routine. Kemp wears her “pink game-day shoes” and claims they’re “pretty iconic”.

“Before every flag playoff game, Brooke [Volpi] (’20) brings me fruit salad in a little container and we have not lost a playoff game since so… seems like it’s working,” Kemp said.

Considering the Robinson flag football team hasn’t lost in years, it’s safe to say this tradition needs to stay alive.